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Lower taxes in Poland since January 2019 r.

Polish parliament implements lower CIT (corporate income tax) since January 2019. Firstly CIT for a small and medium company was reduced to 9%. Small and medium company according to Polish law is a company which yearly revenue is no more than 1.2 mln Euro. If during the year company achieve that level then will pay […]

Transport Law – penalty for contact with client

The introduction of non-competition provisions into contracts is very common among Polish transport companies. However, this does lead to questions regarding validity. In the judgment of 11.09.2013 r. the Supreme Court stated that the contractual penalty for breach of the non – competition provision is valid (act signature III CKN 579/01). However, the Supreme Court […]

Limited Liability Company – Income tax in Poland

Limited Liability Company is still the most popular type of company in Poland. This is because you can establish this kind of company very quickly and shareholders are not liable for company commitment. But what about taxation? Unfortunately, choosing an LLC is not the best options regarding taxation due to changes which were implemented by […]